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Making Fashion Ur Passion
Charmingnista Monday Fashion Tips
Monday Fashion Tips
Charming Accessories Fall Favorites
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March 12th& 13th Women's Expo 2011
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Making Fashion Ur Passion

When u love fashion like Charming Accessories do it becomes a passion. We aim to be exclusive, edgy, unique and different by helping our customers create there own style. One thing i love about our brand is the versatility, each piece can be worn in so many ways. We not only offer versatility in our fashions but in our accessories, footwear and more. 

Take a risk with ur fashions, find out what brings out ur confidence and not just look to be validated by the world. That's the Charming Way, u would be surprised on how many compliments u receive on ur look by being true and passionate about what u love and making it ur own.

Charmingnista Monday Fashion Tips

Charming Monday,

Charmingnistas it's time to rock our hottttt fashion fall scarfs and wraps fall is here.
I love this time of the year, get ready to rock your hottt rider boots, & Charming Outterwear. Check out our hottttt Fall/Winter fashion on FB & New arrivals are shipped in weekly. Thank u all for being about that CharmingLife <3

Monday Fashion Tips

Charmingnistas you may be wondering what to wear for today's weather. Today will be a great day to rock a hottttt light weight sweater/top. Even though it's a little glooming out side give today a splash of color to brighten up your day. Don't allow the weather to change how you feel, you are still in control on how your day goes. 

If you work in the office rock a hottttt pair of high waisted slacks, long sleeve button down blouse & light eight blazer or cardigan. Be chic & a BOSS at the same time. #CharmingLife

Charming Accessories Fall Favorites

Looking to create a hotttt style for the fall? Creating a hottt look is very simple, i love to add a splash of color to our collection all year long. Cardigans never go out of style and the fall is the best time to rock them. You can dress it up or down, check out our Fall/Winter collections to get a few fashion tips from the looks created by Charming Accessories. Thank u all for ur continued business stay tuned in

Create Ur Own Look


If u are looking to revamp ur style & also maintain a budget Charming Accessories is the place to be. U can change ur look with Bold accessories, a jeweled top or a flowy maxi. 

If ur looking for a change schedule ur appointment to be Charminized by the best. We can revamp ur look in seconds and have u looking like u spent ur saving's. Check us out on FB, Instagram as well.

Summer Tips

 Ready for this summer's must have? We have added items that will accessorize your entire outfit with one piece. Think outside the box and step out your comfort zone, charming accessories will personally style you to perfection.
Come make your purchase today @ Luxe Looks Salon 8522 Edgeworth Drive.
Capitol Heights MD, 20743. Ask for Michelle: Owner
Thank you all for your love & support!

Charming Accessories/CCBC Women's Expo Event

Good Morning,
I had a great time at the CCBC Women's Expo this weekend. I think it was a great experience and can't wait to do it next year.
Charming Accessories brought that Edgy & Unique style back and had the clients confused on what to buy. They all had there charming experience.Thank you all for the continued support, continue to follow us on the road of success.
Be Blessed & Bless Others!
Carletta Wade
Charming Accessories

Hard Work & Dedication To My Clients

Charming Accessories is dedicated to our clients. I just finnished adding  new arrivals @ 2:12am, i am driven to provide you the best and nothing less.
I would love for anyone who has made a purchase with us to share with the world your experience with Charming Accessories. Your feedback is very important to us good or bad, it will allow us to serve you better.
I would like to thank everyone for the love & support we receive daily.
Be Blessed!
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